Mass Ministries

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All Liturgical celebrations especially the celebration of Eucharistic Liturgy, are celebrations of the whole church.  They are not private functions.  The Church is the “sacrament of unity: The holy people united and arranged under their bishops. Therefore, liturgical services pertain to the whole Body of the Church.

In the midst of this Body, there are individual ministers who serve all the faithful by executing different functions.  These functions are integral and necessary parts of the liturgy to be performed in a an dignified and reverend manner, and for respecting the nature, shape and dynamic of liturgy.  These may include:


For more information about these opportunities contact the Pastoral Associate, Kim Zea, at 503-222-2055 or email:


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Altar Servers

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Our sacristans help to prepare us for the liturgy.  They are responsible for opening and closing of the church.  They make sure our church building is ready for our community, by checking the heat or air-conditioning, so that it is comfortable for all who enter.  In the sacristy they prepare the vessels and needed items for our liturgy.  They oversee the checking in of all our ministers that are assigned to serve and fill in replacements where needed.

Eucharistic Ministers

Both men and women are welcome.  Requires the ability to maneuver liturgical vessels with reverence and dignity and the ability to observe a reverent and prayerful attitude while being comfortable handling the sacred species.  This ministry is greatly enhanced by the ministers concern and care for the poor the hungry and the needy.  They assist with the distribution of the Body and Blood at Mass.  They also take communion to the sick and homebound if they are interested in this ministry.


Lectors for periods of time, must be able to follow directions and perform the regular liturgical functions and procedures without calling attention to one’s self.  Must be responsible for being 15 minutes early for the mass they are assigned to and responsible for finding a replacement if you are unable to serve.

Lectors: Requires the ability to read publically the Sacred Scripture in various literary forms in a clear and articulate voice.  Their task is to proclaim the “Word of God” at Mass.  They are expected to spend time in preparation each time they proclaim the Word.  They often will pray the prayers of the faithful in mass.

Music Ministers

Music for our liturgical celebrations is arranged and prepared through our Music Ministry program.  Those interested can contact Heather Lindaman, Music Director.