Children’s Faith Formation

JOHN 10:10

When you baptize your child in the Catholic Church it is your promise to the Church that you will teach and foster the faith of this child. We at STM are here to support you and provide for you opportunities that will strengthen your child’s understanding of God’s love for them. You will find at STM that we provide opportunities for children, at the early age of three, in our Angels preschool program. Programs are available for all grade levels throughout the year. For children that do not participate in our parish school, we provide a family formation program, where the parent and children come together once a month and study in their homes the rest of the month. You will find a registration form and calendar below.

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The Catholic Liturgy, or the Mass, has two main parts: the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. The Liturgy of the Word focuses on the messages present to us in Sacred Scripture and each Sunday three readings are read and become the focus for the Homily. The priest presents his homily to the entire congregation and does so at an adult level which can leave the children confused or bored. CLOW is designed to remedy this.
CLOW is open to children grades K-4 and is offered during the 10:00 AM Mass. All K through 4th grade children are called to gather at the altar before the Liturgy of the Word and leave to hear the Word proclaimed through the Children’s lectionary. This is led by a minister of the Word who can proclaim and explain the Word of God at a child’s level of understanding. The children return to the church after the Homily and prior to the Liturgy of the Eucharist.


The Catholic Liturgy can be very confusing and beyond younger children of preschool age. Angel’s Preschool is designed to meet the formational needs of this age group, again at the 10:00 AM Mass. Children ages 3-4 join the CLOW children and gather at the altar before the Liturgy of the Word and leave to their classroom for lessons with teachers who volunteer to teach these young ones. Parents pick up their children in the preschool classroom in the school after Mass. Please note that there is a need to register for this. Check the link below for registration and calendar for specific information about this program.


For information about these faith formation opportunities for children, please contact Kim Zea, Pastoral Associate, at or 503-222-2055.